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Artist Statement 2023

Frahn Koerner’s artwork has been described as "addressing resilience… resonating with current events." A London based online magazine recently used an image of hers for an environmental article about “greenwashing.”


Though personal in conception [for example in 1969 her European grandmother and grandfather, a former ship captain, were killed in Hurricane Camille] Koerner's artwork addresses universal themes. There’s been a lot of extremes going on in our world lately. Emotional responses to these events reverberate throughout Koerner's artwork.


Both “Tues April 28” and “35 new cases in NOLA” address the COVID19 pandemic, and the multitude of feelings in reaction to it. Do we stand in place, cover our mouths, turn away... what are we to do?


“2021, Untitled for Now” was done at the start of 2021 when everyone was hoping for a better year than 2020, but we weren't sure yet how things would be. The figure has painted pink toenails, a hopeful sign.


“Before the Dawn,” portrays a woman traipsing through rising water, linear images seem to surround her… are they nets, a new unnamed virus due to Environmental Trauma, benevolent spirits… or is this painting acknowledging the existential threat of living in an area menaced by hurricanes and rising water?  The title is upbeat after all, so… Finger’s crossed.

The painting “Unwavering Fervor” shows a figure surrounded by fiery color… possibly a response to abundant recent global wildfires, police brutality and/or gun violence… Is she breathing out fire like a dragon? If the viewer takes a closer look at the image, words can be seen. These phrases could create a talisman or an “Unwavering Fervor” to help one pass with grace and inner strength through these difficult times. Maybe with power and compassion, she is breathing out fire after all.

In the painting "Kriya," we see a calmer stance. This painting depicts how possibly, many of us have navigated through these difficult times… in harmony with our beloved pets. 

All of Koerner’s artwork here employs both camera and computer, paint and graphite as fundamental creative tools.

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