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Frahn Koerner Artist Statement for “Into the Vortex”

Contemporary Arts Center – Call for Gulf South Artists 2021 – Behind Every Beautiful Thing


“Into the Vortex” depicts an orange linear figure which appears to be descending into a

space (imagine the radiating structure of a pinecone) consisting of bright blue opaque dots. The figure appears to have “surrendered,” and is falling into this warm, green organic whirlpool.


The painting is how I represent my metaphysical journey towards a dynamic and enlightened reality. This work, like many others of mine, also testifies to my lifelong affinity for the natural environment. I grew up spending summers in Henderson Point, Mississippi, surrounded by a Maritime Forest, ponds, marshes and beaches. While in New Orleans, I frequently explore the Batture along the Mississippi River.


The lines, shapes, shades, and colors of my physical surroundings often make their way into my paintings. With that as a jumping-off point, “Into the Vortex” emphasizes the visual tension between positive and negative spaces – an oscillating coexistence between material and spiritual worlds.

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